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Mural for engineering building INTERPIPE NTZ

Mural on the facade of the engineering building of the INTERPIPE NTZ plant in Dnipro The total area of the mural is 250 m2, performed 14 working days by two artists. Located along the entire height of the building under the factory logo. Made in an industrial style and corresponds to the overall brand visual style of the company. The mural on the engineering building of the plant was a supplement to many existing art objects on a large territory of the plant with a total area of over 300 hectares. It attracts attention from afar, as it has significant size, bright colors, pronounced plot elements and occupies the central part of the building. The mural is made exclusively of high-quality materials manufactured by Caparol (Germany), in particular Amphiboline paint in combination with high-quality pigment pastes. The mural has high resistance to color burnout in bright sunlight and durable protection from the weather. Also, this paint has a unique quality to repel dirt from its surface.
Thus, timed to coincide with the Day of the Metallurgist at the modern plant, which has a 130-year history, a mural made of the best modern materials has appeared, which guarantees its bright appearance for many years.