ut art studio

Artistic painting in the office

UT ART STUDIO team is ready to decorate your office in the short term. 

We can paint any design: in server rooms, on facades, on parking lots, on elevator zones, on stairwells, and in warehouses.

Office walls painting will help you solve several tasks:

  • Creating a unique working atmosphere.
  • Designing a stylish office with minimal financial costs.
  • Describing the values ​​and principles of your company.
  • Creating interesting space zoning.

Five popular types of paintings for offices which are regularly ordered*:

  • Branded: corporate colors, graphics, slogans, logos, and fonts.
  • Expressive: landscapes, sea views, fantastic planets, and giant flowers.
  • Cult: characters from comics, popular movies, and literary bestsellers, legendary stars.
  • Urban: skyscrapers, bright inscriptions, protest works.
  • Portrait: outstanding people who changed this world.

*based on our experience

We have been successfully operating in the art services market for 13 years. 

We have worked with a wide range of customers: Renault Motors, Philip Morris, Vodafone, Luxoft, CrossFit Banda, Mystetsky Arsenal, Nova Poshta, Rud, Epicenter, and other Ukrainian and global companies.

Our team admires creating large-scale works and we are ready to perform in any city of Ukraine. We look forward to your wishes!

  • Wall decoration in the office of "Epicenter-К"
  • Location: Kiev, st. Berkovetskaya, 6B
  • Square: 75 m2
  • Lead time: 7 days (5 artists).